These are some of the products labelled so far:-

Fanfold Label Applicators.


†††††††††††† Packaging Services have installed new and upgraded fan fold, servo driven K505 label applicators. With BTís Broadband service increasing in sales and thousands of units leaving their main depot every day, we were asked to provide a highly reliable address label application applicator.


†††††††††††† Fan fold labels are notoriously difficult to apply due to there construction and their perforated label panel cut-outs.


†††††††††††† After a few trials we came up with a unique label dispense edge combined with the controllable acceleration of the applicator servo motor which made the application of these labels very successful and more efficient.


†††††††††††† The applicators can be converted back to non-perforated normal labels on a reel if required in a quick 2 minute conversion. This was to accommodate new label formats which could be sourced to provide a possible alternative to fan fold labels in the future.


Labelled Products.

Bench Mounted Test Tube Labeller.


†††††††††††† We have installed the first of our bench mounted test tube labellers. The compact system can label almost any sized cylindrical product with a self adhesive label.


†††††††††††† This typical system is hand fed and is designed to label glass test tubes with label lengths of up to 75mm long.


†††††††††††† This system can achieve labelling speeds of up to 120 products per minute and can be fitted with infeed and outfeed chutes to aid operator friendliness.

Sharps Bin Labeller.


†††††††††††††††† A simple, cost effective labelling system for NHS sharps bins. Label placement is placed onto the sharps bin in registration to its handle.

†††††††††††† Height and angle are adjusted by a newly designed, multiple tilting mounting. This allows for easy adjustment on any angled shaped product.

†††††††††††† Due the product shape we have used an air box to apply the curved label onto the product. We separated the label from the backing paper before application. This guarantees a perfect label placement.

Packaging Services UK Ltd.

Full Wrap Labeller.


†††††††††††††††† This type of system is designed to label cylindrical products on a production line. We can label in register to any mark on the livery of the product.

†††††††††††† If no registration is required the system is a very fast way of labeling a cylinder type products.

†††††††††††† Height is adjusted by a strong, simple screw thread mounting. This allows for easy height adjustment on any product.


British Telecom

Reel to Reel Overprinter.


†††††††††††††††† This simple, little reel to reel overprinter is ideal for printing barcodes onto blank labels. We incorprated a Zebra Pax thermal printer to print barcodes and fitted a barcode verifier to make sure that the print quality was acceptable and readable.

†††††††††††† This system can print up to speeds of 12 inchs per second and we can also fit any OEM print engine that is required.

In Line Print Apply Labeller.††††††††††


†††††††††††† This simple system prints onto blank labels and applies automatically onto any conveyor fed product. We incorparated a Sato thermal printer to print barcodes and best before dates.

†††††††††††† This system can label up to 45 products a minute due to the unique application and printer combination. This means we maximize the relative slow printer speeds compared with the high line speeds.

RTL Paint Can Labeller.


†††††††††††††††† The RTL labeling systems are designed mainly for the paint industry. We apply two labels in register to the can livery. We apply a color swatch label and then by using a thermal printer, print a barcode onto a blank label then apply.

†††††††††††† These systems can label up to 45 products a minute.

†††††††††††† The system is designed to label can sizes from 750ml upto 10 litre buckets. Handlelift, barcode verification and tapered bucket handling can also be incorporated on these systems.

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In Line Promotion Labeller.††††††††††††


†††††††††††† This system applies automatically onto any conveyor fed product. We were applying a promotional label onto fish packs. The packs vary in height so using our variable height dispense edge to overcome this problem.

†††††††††††† This system can label up to 60 products a minute with a label accuracy of +- 1mm on the product even with the varying height of the packs.

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